дно, днище, донышко, нижняя часть, низ, основание, подножие

The chair needs a new bottom. — У стула надо поставить новое сидение.

Set the box on its bottom, not its side. — Поставьте ящик дном вниз, а не на бок.

I want the bottom book in the stack. — Мне нужна самая нижняя книга в этой стопке.

What's your bottom price? — Какова ваша окончательная цена?

The boat was lying with its bottom upside. — Лодка лежала дном кверху.

The house must be repaired from top to bottom. — Дом надо ремонтировать сверху до низу.

The bottom of the trench was muddy and very slippery. — На дне траншеи было грязно и очень скользко.

To wish smb at the bottom of the sea. — Чтоб тебе ни дна, ни покрышки

- sandy bottom
- flat bottom
- loose bottom
- copper bottom
- greasy bottom
- gravel bottom
- bottom shelf
- bottom row
- bottom button
- bottom of a chair
- bottom of a house
- bottom of the mountain
- bottom of the wall
- bottom of a cup
- bottom of a glass
- hole in the ship's bottom
- at the bottom
- at the bottom of smth
- at the bottom of the letter
- at the bottom of one's heart
- at the bottom end of the table
- at the bottom of a barrel
- at the bottom of the stairs
- at the bottom of the garden
- at the bottom of the street
- at the bottom of his trouser-legs
- from the bottom of one's heart
- from top to bottom
- go to the bottom
- plunge to the bottom
- set smth bottom upwards
- raise the sinken ship from the bottom of the harbour
- drain one's cup to the bottom
- get to the bottom of the sack
- be at the bottom of one's class
- be at the bottom of smth
- be at the bottom of the whole affair
- get to the bottom of the problem
- drag the bottom of the river
- touch bottom
- rest on the bottom
- knock the bottom out of her arguments
- knock the bottom out of the theory
- principle at the bottom of his activity
- bottom of the box fell out
- bottle has a leaky bottom
- anchor found bottom

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